Over the Boards: Philander Browder

OTB - Browder

Adam Barnhardt: What do you like most about the indoor game so far?
Philander Browder: What I like about the indoor football is that we have the two high motion with the receivers which is advantage for us because if you have speed and run great routes the defensive backs won’t be able to guard or catch you.

AB: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?
PB: I feel like my greatest strengths are my speed and athletic ability to catch the ball in this short area of the indoor football field. I’m just blessed and thank God for the ability that I have.

AB: What advice would you have for someone interested in playing indoor football?
PB: My advice would be if somebody wanted to play indoor football is that anything is possible. Chase your dreams and don’t worry about the critics or haters that are trying to stop you from your dream because playing in this league your one step closer from the CFL and NFL and that’s everybody’s dream, to play in the big league.

AB: What has it been like playing in Bemidji, Minnesota coming from the South?
PB: I mean it’s totally different living and playing in Bemidji, Minnesota for me. Coming from the south I have to get use to this cold weather and snow but I’m loving the community the people are all nice I respect that.

AB: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your playing career?
PB: My biggest influence through this process for me has been my family my girlfriend and my son. That’s all I been thinking about since I have been here. I do this all for them. I’m just trying to be successful in something that I love to do and that’s play ball to provide for them in the future and I know that the IFL is another step for me reaching my goals lords will. I don’t care about nobody else if they doubt me their opinion doesn’t matter to me because I know God Got Me and he gone lead me down the right path.

Five Favorites
Favorite song: My favorite song is Sky Is The Limit by Lil Wayne
Favorite Holiday: My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: My favorite ice cream is Cookies and Cream.
Favorite hobby away from football: My favorite hobby is watching movies in my spare time I’m a movie fanatic.
Dream vacation destination: My dream vacation destination is probably in the Virgin Islands a beach getaway just me and my girlfriend Nikki.
Apple or Orange: Apple