Over the Boards: DeQuan Starling

Axemen Director of Communications sat down with starting Axemen defensive back DeQuan Starling.  After the Week 1 win over the Green Bay Blizzard, Starling is tied for first in the Indoor Football League with 12 tackles.

Adam Barnhardt: What is your favorite part about playing the position of defensive back?
DeQuan Starling: The challenge.  Being able to cover a receiver going backwards, while they’re running at you is the competitive nature in me.  I would say it’s the challenge of playing defensive back that is my favorite part.

AB: What expectations do you have of yourself and the team this season?
DS: The biggest expectation that I have for the team is to win the United Bowl.  We have the talent and the coaching schemes, so why not us?!  The expectations I have for myself are:  being the best player on the field every game, helping my team win, and accomplishing higher goals.

AB: What has it been like playing in Bemidji, Minnesota?
DS: Cold!  [laughs]  With me being from Georgia, I don’t see this much snow, but playing for this community has been great.  It’s been a wonderful experience and we appreciate how the community has accepted us, and welcomed us into their environment.

AB: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your playing career?
DS: My grandparents have been the biggest influence throughout my life. They did everything in their power to make sure I was brought up in a healthy lifestyle, so with everything I do, I think of them because I wouldn’t want to let them down.

AB: What are some of your pre-game rituals that prepare you before a game?
DS: My pregame rituals are pretty simple.  I try not to make the game bigger than what it really is, so I just be myself, listen to music and be goofy, energetic, & entertaining.

Quick Fire Questions
Favorite Candy: Laffy Taffy
Favorite Song: Drought 3 Mixtape by Lil’ Wayne
Favorite professional Sports team: NY Giants, NY Yankees, Miami Heat
If you could participate in one winter Olympic sporting even and be great at it: Bobsledding
Favorite TV Show: Martin
Funniest Bemidji teammate: Our Linebacker, Derek Rose, is the character/comedian of the team
Quietest Bemidji teammate: Our Wide Reciever Dejay Lester is the quietest on the team.. He even talks in a low volume, so that tells you a little bit of how quiet he is.
Lebron James, Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant: Lebron James
Peyton Manning or Tom Brady: Peyton Manning
Facebook or Instagram: Instagram