Over the Boards: De’Markus Washington

OTB - Washington

Axemen Director of Communications Adam Barnhardt sat down with Texas Southern University alum and current Axemen defensive back De’Markus Washington.  After the course of two exhibition games, Washington has tallied three tackles and a pass breakup.

Adam Barnhardt: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?
De’Markus Washington: My greatest strengths would be my footwork, speed and being able to recognize a route before it happen

AB: What have been your biggest enjoyments from playing in the IFL so far?
DW: I enjoy everything about it so far. I’m just having fun every play.

AB: What is something about De’Markus Washington that may surprise most people?
DW: One thing that may come as a surprise is that I never wanted to play professional football growing up or play cornerback.

AB: What has been the toughest adjustment from the outdoor to the indoor aspect of football?
DW: The toughest adjustment has been how narrow the field is. Every thing happens faster than you expect.

AB: Being from the South how has adjusting to the North in Minnesota been for you?
DW: Definitely the cold [laughs].  Freezing to me was 20 degrees but I came to Bemidji and it was -32.

Quick Fire Questions:
Favorite sport other then football? Basketball
Favorite all time athlete? Ed Reed
Favorite show as a kid? Dragon Ball Z
First car? Mercury Grand Marquis
Favorite food? Pizza
Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi