Over the Boards: DeMario Pippen

OTB - Pippen

Director of Communications Adam Barnhardt sat down with Axemen running back DeMario Pippen.  After two games, Pippen is second on the team in receiving, recording five catches for 48 yards.  Pippen has also shown his versatility on the ground, rushing six times for 22 yards and one touchdown.

Adam Barnhardt: What has it been like playing in Bemidji, MN so far?
DeMario Pippen: It’s been a great experience for me. I’m loving it.

AB: What was the experience like being in the Denver Broncos camp?
DP: It was a dream come to true to even step on an NFL surface.

AB: What has surprised you about the indoor game thus far?
DP: The main thing has been the spacing the field is so much more smaller.

AB: What got you interested in football at a young age?
DP: The main thing that sparked my interest was my friends being involved in the sport so I wanted to compete with them.

AB: What is something about Demario Pippen that most people don’t know?
DP: One thing about me people don’t know is I played soccer in High School

Quick Fire Questions
Favorite dessert: Strawberry Cake
Dream Car: Bentley
Favorite athlete growing up: Barry Sanders
Lemonade or Ice tea: Lemonade
Most laid back Bemidji teammate: Maurice Patterson
If you could be a superhero who would you be: The Hulk
First thing you would buy with a million dollars: Change my family living circumstances