How Does Sex Before Competition Affects Athletes' Performance

The role of sex in athletic performance: Effects and benefits
The discussions about the connection between sex and sports started more than one thousand years ago in Greece. At those times, people believed that sexual abstaining led to aggression, disappointment, and, thus, improved performance. Then the views changed: for example, at Olympic Games 2016 in Rio, over 12K competitors received more than 500K condoms. Today, athletes also believe that sex can greatly impact their professional careers in sports, but the debate is still going on. So what do scientists say?

How sex impacts our performance

According to different studies, both men and women are affected by testosterone. It directly impacts performance in sports, and if the level of the hormone in the organism is too low, it leads to low energy, reduced strength, and gaining weight, as well as impacting your sexual life. Short training with high intensity can boost the level of testosterone while training with lower intensity reduces it, thus affecting the overall performance and sexual desire. It makes us conclude that a low level of testosterone in the body is equal to low sex drive and vice versa, a high level causes higher results and sex drive.
When it comes to science, there have been conducted different researches on this topic, but there is still no single answer. Some of them say that sex doesn`t have any significant impact on athletic performance: it doesn`t do any harm, but you will not benefit from it either. However, regardless of scientific results, sportspeople actually believe that sport improves their sexual life. Maybe it`s connected to the power of endorphins, some emotional connection, or feelings of satisfaction. They are sure that if you feel that something can help you, you should definitely do it.

Top benefits and flaws of sex for athletes

Now when you definitely know that there is something right in statements about sex and sports connection, take your partner and do some experiments. Don`t have one yet? This can be managed by meeting someone on a dating website (for example, the one observed in snapsext reviews). Such a platform gives you a high chance of finding a sexual partner with the same interests. While you are preparing, we will talk about the pros and cons of sex for sports:
Negative sides of having sex before a competition:
1. Loss of concentration
If you play snooker, pool, darts or any other sport that requires focus, sex can be not the best way as it is relaxing you too much;
2. Sleep deprivation
If you have sex marathons at night, you may start feeling some fatigue and the lack of energy, which can also negatively impact your sports results.
Positive sides of sex for sports:
1. It makes you faster
Famous scientists from Oxford University examined 2K of London Marathon participants and noticed that those who had sex before the competition were faster than other runners in five minutes;
2. It makes you motivated
With released endorphins, athletes feel more excited, powerful, and motivated for success. Studies showed that sexual activity before the competition could increase sportsman`s chances to win.
There is still no single opinion on how sex impacts your sports activity; it rather depends on the individual. The boxing champion Muhammad Ali abstained from sexual life for weeks before the competition, while the football star Ronaldo is sure that having sex even the night before is helpful to relax and get the right mood. We recommend you to do an experiment and understand how exactly sex will impact your sports life.

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