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Bemidji Axemen Director of Communications Adam Barnhardt sat down with defensive back Adam Lucas for this edition of Over the Boards.  Through two weeks of the 2014 Indoor Football League season, Lucas has recorded seven tackles and three pass breakups.

Adam Barnhardt: What is your favorite part about playing the cornerback position?
Adam Lucas: My favorite part, by far, would be the isolated competition with some of the best athletes in the world playing wide receiver.

AB: What is the toughest part about playing the cornerback position?
AL: The toughest part is the fact that you’re basically playing backwards while the wide receivers are running forward. There are some great athletes at the receiver position and having to mirror them without touching them while moving backwards, while still turning and running.  Because of that, defensive backs have to be the most athletic players on the field.

AB: What has the indoor experience been like so far?
AL: The indoor experience has been fun, especially playing corner.  It’s mainly a passing league so there are opportunities to make plays.

AB: What is something about Adam Lucas that many don’t know about?
AL: I watch a lot of Duck Dynasty.

Quick Fire Questions
Favorite TC show: First Take
Favorite sport other then football: Basketball
Favorite movie: The Sandlot
Favorite Song: Devil is a lie “Rick Ross”
Favorite Animal: Sharks
Cake or Pie: Sweet Potato Pie
Early bird or Nigh owl?: Both but I take naps during the day
Best dressed Bemidji teammate: Maurice Rolle

Director of Communications Adam Barnhardt sat down with Axemen running back DeMario Pippen.  After two games, Pippen is second on the team in receiving, recording five catches for 48 yards.  Pippen has also shown his versatility on the ground, rushing six times for 22 yards and one touchdown.

Adam Barnhardt: What has it been like playing in Bemidji, MN so far?
DeMario Pippen: It’s been a great experience for me. I’m loving it.

AB: What was the experience like being in the Denver Broncos camp?
DP: It was a dream come to true to even step on an NFL surface.

AB: What has surprised you about the indoor game thus far?
DP: The main thing has been the spacing the field is so much more smaller.

AB: What got you interested in football at a young age?
DP: The main thing that sparked my interest was my friends being involved in the sport so I wanted to compete with them.

AB: What is something about Demario Pippen that most people don’t know?
DP: One thing about me people don’t know is I played soccer in High School

Quick Fire Questions
Favorite dessert: Strawberry Cake
Dream Car: Bentley
Favorite athlete growing up: Barry Sanders
Lemonade or Ice tea: Lemonade
Most laid back Bemidji teammate: Maurice Patterson
If you could be a superhero who would you be: The Hulk
First thing you would buy with a million dollars: Change my family living circumstances

Axemen Director of Communications sat down with starting Axemen defensive back DeQuan Starling.  After the Week 1 win over the Green Bay Blizzard, Starling is tied for first in the Indoor Football League with 12 tackles.

Adam Barnhardt: What is your favorite part about playing the position of defensive back?
DeQuan Starling: The challenge.  Being able to cover a receiver going backwards, while they’re running at you is the competitive nature in me.  I would say it’s the challenge of playing defensive back that is my favorite part.

AB: What expectations do you have of yourself and the team this season?
DS: The biggest expectation that I have for the team is to win the United Bowl.  We have the talent and the coaching schemes, so why not us?!  The expectations I have for myself are:  being the best player on the field every game, helping my team win, and accomplishing higher goals.

AB: What has it been like playing in Bemidji, Minnesota?
DS: Cold!  [laughs]  With me being from Georgia, I don’t see this much snow, but playing for this community has been great.  It’s been a wonderful experience and we appreciate how the community has accepted us, and welcomed us into their environment.

AB: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your playing career?
DS: My grandparents have been the biggest influence throughout my life. They did everything in their power to make sure I was brought up in a healthy lifestyle, so with everything I do, I think of them because I wouldn’t want to let them down.

AB: What are some of your pre-game rituals that prepare you before a game?
DS: My pregame rituals are pretty simple.  I try not to make the game bigger than what it really is, so I just be myself, listen to music and be goofy, energetic, & entertaining.

Quick Fire Questions
Favorite Candy: Laffy Taffy
Favorite Song: Drought 3 Mixtape by Lil’ Wayne
Favorite professional Sports team: NY Giants, NY Yankees, Miami Heat
If you could participate in one winter Olympic sporting even and be great at it: Bobsledding
Favorite TV Show: Martin
Funniest Bemidji teammate: Our Linebacker, Derek Rose, is the character/comedian of the team
Quietest Bemidji teammate: Our Wide Reciever Dejay Lester is the quietest on the team.. He even talks in a low volume, so that tells you a little bit of how quiet he is.
Lebron James, Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant: Lebron James
Peyton Manning or Tom Brady: Peyton Manning
Facebook or Instagram: Instagram

Adam Barnhardt: What do you like most about the indoor game so far?
Philander Browder: What I like about the indoor football is that we have the two high motion with the receivers which is advantage for us because if you have speed and run great routes the defensive backs won’t be able to guard or catch you.

AB: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?
PB: I feel like my greatest strengths are my speed and athletic ability to catch the ball in this short area of the indoor football field. I’m just blessed and thank God for the ability that I have.

AB: What advice would you have for someone interested in playing indoor football?
PB: My advice would be if somebody wanted to play indoor football is that anything is possible. Chase your dreams and don’t worry about the critics or haters that are trying to stop you from your dream because playing in this league your one step closer from the CFL and NFL and that’s everybody’s dream, to play in the big league.

AB: What has it been like playing in Bemidji, Minnesota coming from the South?
PB: I mean it’s totally different living and playing in Bemidji, Minnesota for me. Coming from the south I have to get use to this cold weather and snow but I’m loving the community the people are all nice I respect that.

AB: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your playing career?
PB: My biggest influence through this process for me has been my family my girlfriend and my son. That’s all I been thinking about since I have been here. I do this all for them. I’m just trying to be successful in something that I love to do and that’s play ball to provide for them in the future and I know that the IFL is another step for me reaching my goals lords will. I don’t care about nobody else if they doubt me their opinion doesn’t matter to me because I know God Got Me and he gone lead me down the right path.

Five Favorites
Favorite song: My favorite song is Sky Is The Limit by Lil Wayne
Favorite Holiday: My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: My favorite ice cream is Cookies and Cream.
Favorite hobby away from football: My favorite hobby is watching movies in my spare time I’m a movie fanatic.
Dream vacation destination: My dream vacation destination is probably in the Virgin Islands a beach getaway just me and my girlfriend Nikki.
Apple or Orange: Apple

Axemen Director of Communications Adam Barnhardt sat down with Texas Southern University alum and current Axemen defensive back De’Markus Washington.  After the course of two exhibition games, Washington has tallied three tackles and a pass breakup.

Adam Barnhardt: What do you feel are your greatest strengths?
De’Markus Washington: My greatest strengths would be my footwork, speed and being able to recognize a route before it happen

AB: What have been your biggest enjoyments from playing in the IFL so far?
DW: I enjoy everything about it so far. I’m just having fun every play.

AB: What is something about De’Markus Washington that may surprise most people?
DW: One thing that may come as a surprise is that I never wanted to play professional football growing up or play cornerback.

AB: What has been the toughest adjustment from the outdoor to the indoor aspect of football?
DW: The toughest adjustment has been how narrow the field is. Every thing happens faster than you expect.

AB: Being from the South how has adjusting to the North in Minnesota been for you?
DW: Definitely the cold [laughs].  Freezing to me was 20 degrees but I came to Bemidji and it was -32.

Quick Fire Questions:
Favorite sport other then football? Basketball
Favorite all time athlete? Ed Reed
Favorite show as a kid? Dragon Ball Z
First car? Mercury Grand Marquis
Favorite food? Pizza
Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi


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